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Rules for the 2020 Buffalo Wild Wings MI High School Girls Championship Series

Michigan High School Girls Championship Series

Please see the following set of rules for the Championship Series

1) All players must be from the following graduation years to participate (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024)

2) All players must have attended your High School for the 2019-2020 school year or be an incoming Freshman to your High School

3) All games will be officiated according to FIFA Rules with the following exceptions:
a) Games will be 80 Minutes long
b) game clock will be kept on field by Center referee
c) Clock will be stopped for the following events until restart of play (after goal is scored, after issuing of yellow or red card, after an foul that results in a kick taken from the
penalty spot)

4) In the event that the teams are tied after 80 minutes of regulation time, the following is the process of extra time and if necessary, kicks from the penalty spot.
a) there will be two, 5 minute extra time periods with no break in-between to be played in their entirety. At the end of the first 5 minutes, teams will switch sides and play will be
immediately restarted. (No Golden Goal)
b) If teams are still tied at the end of regulation, kicks from the penalty spot will be taken to determine winner. The following serves as the process for those kicks:
1) Coach must choose 5 players, who are on the field at the end of extra time. (No order must be given, just the first 5 takers)
2) If teams are tied after the first 5 takers, we move to sudden death. No taker can take a second kick, until all 11 players have taken a kick from the spot

5) Any player receiving a Yellow Card must leave the field, but can return at the next subbing opportunity. Coach MAY put sub on field to replace player who received the yellow

6) All Substitutions are at the referees discretion.

We reserve the right to add or modify rules as needed for the good of the game.

All teams will play a minimum of two games.



Buffalo Wild Wings MI High School Girls Championship Series
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